My name is Lindsey and I’m a Splenda addict…

Yes, it’s true. My dirty secret. I am absolutely addicted to artificial sweeteners. 

In my mind, Splenda just doesn’t seem as bad as the likes of equal or sweet n low.  But, I am finally coming to grips with reality.  On an average work day, I probably consume 4 or 5 packs of Splenda (enter horrifying gasp).  Here’s the breakdown:

Morning cup of large tea: 2.5 packs of Splenda
Oatmeal: Sprinkled with 1 pack of Splenda
Occasional second small cup of tea: 1 pack of Splenda
Afternoon ice tea: 1 pack of ….wait for it…. Sweet N Low…. 🙁

So that puts my grand total on average for a day at 4.5 packs of artificial sweetener… roughly 23 packs a week, 90 packs a month, 1,080 packs a year. And really, this is a moderate estimate since I use artificial sweeteners whenever I drink ice tea at restaurants.  But it is pretty accurate for “no restaurant February.”


Sadly enough, I’ve always thought of my daily beverage choices as relatively healthy. I don’t drink soda or diet soda, and stick mainly to water and tea.  And I am a sucker for sweet tea every now and then, but really my drinks are pretty bland. 

Unfortunately I completely forgot to equate in the artificial sweetener side to it.

After doing a little research, I realize that there are people out there much worse than me. But there are also the people who use no artificial sweeteners at all.  When I’m at home, I use honey and some real sugar to sweeten my tea.  I used to have Stevia, but ran out and haven’t replaced it. 

Although I post mainly about sweets and fun dinners, I really do try and eat more of a 75/25 diet (the higher number being the healthy, whole foods; lower being the really delicious stuff).  In the last few years, I have tried to not purchase many processed foods. The bulk of my grocery trips come from the outer aisles (i.e. fruit, vegetables, grains, some meats, etc). I like things with short ingredient lists, things I can pronounce and easily understand, things without all that chemical mumbo jumbo.  But, here I am, almost everyday, sweetening up my life with chemicals. 

As of today, my plan is to start bringing honey in to work and use that as my sweetener.  I just don’t think I will be able to drink my tea free of any sweetener addition. 

So, what are your thoughts on this? Do you use many artificial sweeteners? Are you a fellow addict like me? Or, do you think this is one of those “everything in moderation” things and I am overreacting? Help me see the light.

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