No Restaurant February

Today marks the first day of “No Restaurant February” for Wes and me.  One of Wes’ best friends came up with the idea to try and do this last month.  I found out about it a little too far into the month, but thought it would be a fun thing to try for a month.

And February is the shortest month, so why not?

Of course, we have had to think of things that could create exceptions, like having to go on a work lunch, or eating at a wedding reception. But, for the most part, we are going to cook all of our meals at one of our houses this month. Wes is even packing his lunch for work all week. This is a pretty big deal for him.  I eat at home almost everyday for lunch, so this doesn’t bother me much.

We ate at a few places this weekend that I know I would miss, covering my favorite two restaurant genres: Mexican and Indian.  They were both delicious.  I should hopefully have my queso fix now.

Why are we doing this you ask?  Well, why not?  I think it will end up saving us a little bit of money, although I do drop a pretty penny at the grocery store every week.  It will force us to be creative with our dinners to recreate the restaurant meals that we miss. It can be pretty easy to get a bunch of dinners on a rotation and just continue making those.  And, it should hopefully end up being healthier for us… as long as I don’t start making a whole bunch of comfort meals… which I’ve been known to do.

Anyway, on this week’s menu we have:

Spinach tortellini soup
Chicken curry (or just curry for those not feeling the chicken)
Some kind of braised meat… this is yet to be decided.

On another note, I signed up for my first half marathon of 2011. It is on March 6th in McAllen!  McAllen is having their first ever half at Borderfest, an event my dad works with.  I am flying down to spend the weekend with my parents and get my run on!  I haven’t been running much lately due to the weather, so I am going to have to quickly get my butt in gear.  Enter treadmill. 

One month and counting!

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