Valentine’s Day treats

Happy Valentine’s Day!!
I hope everyone has a wonderful day full of friends and family that they love.  After a love filled weekend, I feel the mood is set for a perfect Valentine’s Day.  Wes and I have opted to eat in tonight, as opposed to fighting the crowds at a restaurant.  We will be having steak, risotto, asparagus, and dessert of course.  It is always so hard for me to pick a dessert on holidays because I have so many favorites.  Here are a bunch of my tried and true favorite desserts, with links to the recipes, that I think would be an absolutely perfect way to finish off your Valentine’s day dinner.  Some are a little more casual and are great for gifting, while others are ones that are absolutely impossible to part with… you’ll see.
1.  White Chocolate Bread Pudding: I blogged about this recipe, found here, several months ago.  I still remember every bit of the flavor and texture.  It was truly amazing.  If you want something decadent that will most likely outshine your meal, make this.  I can’t tell you enough how much I and the few people I shared it with loved it. 
2. Italian Creme Cake: Recipe found here.  Going back and reading my blog entry makes me laugh… “i try not to have a bunch of sweets around the house…” That’s a blatant lie. I’m not sure what I was thinking when I wrote that line two years ago, but I clearly didn’t know myself very well.  🙂 This cake is awesome. Still one of my favorites, and Wes’ too. I haven’t made it in a while, so I imagine it will be making an appearance in my house sometime very soon. It is extremely delicious.
3. Perfect Sugar Cookies: These are a much more casual dessert, but are truly the absolute best sugar cookies I have ever put in my mouth.  Use this recipe and you are all set. I have blogged about these a few times and the different variations I have done on them. I made them this weekend to take to Wes’ parents and did three different types. I made “thumbprint” with raspberry jam, rolled some in pink and red sprinkles with turbinado sugar, and also put dark chocolate m&m’s on some of them. I also think you could roll them in turbinado sugar and cinnamon to make a delicious snickerdoodle. They are wonderful. Make sure to only cook them for 8 minutes… disregard how not done they look. They will be perfect.
4. Salted Fudge Brownies: Another tried and true recipe from Tasty Kitchen, found here, these brownies were fabulous.  I made these this weekend also to take to Wes’ parents. They are very chocolatey and gooey. I really loved these with a little bit of ice cream on top.  I also think they would be delicious with a bit of a strawberry glaze on them… kind of a play on chocolate covered strawberries, minus the annoying process of dipping the strawberries and actually having to let them dry. I’m all about instant gratification. Screw drying time.
5. Carrot Cake: I know this may not sound like the most romantic cake, but this is one of my cakes that I get the most requests for. It came from my Alpha Chi Omega cookbook in college, recipe found here. People love it. It is pretty much full proof or “fool proof” as I like to say.  Even the novice baker can make this one. I prefer it in its cake form, but it is also good as cupcakes… just not as cute.
Of course there are lots of other great desserts out there, these are just a few of my favorites. I am opting to make one tonight that I’ve never done before.  It involves torching sugar.  I cannot wait 🙂 

Let me know if you try any of these for your sweetie, or your friends, or just for yourself.  I’ve made all of these at least a few times for myself.

Yes, I know people say it is a greeting card holiday, but I really love it.  I always have, probably because it gives me the excuse to make all sorts of decadent desserts. Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

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