Weekend Wrap Up

The weekend flew by yet again.  I didn’t get a whole lot of downtime, which I think always makes time seem to fly by.  But I do have some very exciting news….

Howard got adopted! 

He moved in with a new family in Plano this weekend.  They were very excited to add him to their family.  He seemed to really like them and especially liked the backyard.  It is very bittersweet, but I know it will be a great fit for him.  They already sent me some great pictures of him, but this one is my favorite.  Here he is in his brand new dog bed, exhausted after a day of eating grass and rolling around outside.

Friday was a very busy night.  Wes and I made a great chicken masala. The taste was pretty similar to the masala I have had at Roti Grill, but this one had an extra kick of fresh ginger. And the homemade naan was pretty good too. I ended up cooking it all in my cast iron… wasn’t quite brave enough to try cooking it over the open flames.  I definitely would recommend this recipe though. It was very easy to follow and the end result is a million times better than store bought naan.  We followed this recipe for the masala, but made a few slight changes. I prefer the veggie masala, so I added in potato, carrot, and peas to this dish.  The spice level was perfect for me, but Wes added a bit of sriracha sauce to his.

Ignore the bite taken out of the naan… oops 🙂
We also were lucky enough to have five, that’s right I said five, dogs spending the night on Friday.  I was petsitting for my parent’s lab Polly, and had two surprise guests around midnight.  My neighbor somehow forgot his two dogs outside in the dog run.  He ended up not being home, so his puppies spent the night at my house.  Good times for all.  I really was a crazy dog lady on Friday night. Thank you Wes for putting up with my antics.  Things are back to normal at my house now.  I am down to one well trained animal.
Except this well trained animal ate two bowls of breakfast this morning (hers and Polly’s)
And she woke up at 5 am to play.
And she thought it would be fun to rip the leg off of her giraffe toy and spread the stuffing throughout the house.
But she does know how to go to the bathroom outside, and that is all that matters!

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