The decorating itch

I guess the house getting painted was the kick in the butt I needed to get started on buying some new items for the house.

There are a few things that have been driving me crazy for the last few months or so, and I am finally able to make decisions on what to buy. Enough of this back and forth, think about it for a few days business… it’s time to buy!

The first of my new purchases will be a new area rug for the living room.  When I moved into the house, I was unaware of Lizzie’s love for all things with fringe.  I stupidly purchased an off white shag area rug for the living room.  When I bought it, the thought never crossed my mind that it would turn into Lizzie’s favorite snack.  However, I quickly realized that my lovely 70’s-esque rug was not meant to be a long time fixture in my house.  Lizzie quickly chewed two tennis ball size holes in it. 

She also had her way with some teal fringe pillows that were on the couches. She spent a lot of time outside that week. Stomach of steel? I think not.

These are some of the rugs I am looking at buying:

I am leaning more towards the first one, but am afraid my house is going to turn into one big gray blob if I go with it.  The walls are being painted a gray tone, and my new couches that should be here in the next few weeks are also a gray tone.  I do have a large accent wall in the living room that is a slate color, so that brings in a bit of color. 
Next on my list is to find some kind of art for the stairway leading up to the third floor.  I have always been partial to this CB2 piece and might have to find a place for it in the house somewhere.

I think it would look pretty cool if I did decide to go with the gray area rug.  The pattern on the rug is pretty similar to these “weeds.” 

I also really want this canvas, but just can’t justify spending $400 on it… even though my street name is included on it.

Other things that need to be purchased include a dresser for the guest bedroom, some more stuff for the walls in the guest room, shelving in the office, and a few more decorative items throughout the house. 

And Gabriel, my paint man, has reiterated that the house will be done today. Get ready for some pictures tomorrow!

**Update** I purchased the top rug. I’ll let you know how it looks once I get it.

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