Half of the before

The paint colors are finally narrowed down. I made Wes come to Home Depot with me last night so we could get five more sample cans.  I plan to spend this evening painting poster boards to see which colors should go where.  Here is what I know so far:

Hallways, living room, dining room, and most likely kitchen: Nimbus cloud (Valspar) or Driftwood Grey (MS)
Guest Bedroom: Rainwater (MS) or Tidewater (MS)
Guest Bathroom: Spring Melt (MS)
Accent Wall Fireplace: Schoolhouse Slate (MS)
Powder Room: Hopefully stripes using off white tones
Master Bedroom: Grey Squirrel (MS) or Brook Trout (MS)
Master Bathroom: Spring Melt (MS) or Rainwater (MS)
Office: Schoolhouse Slate (MS)

Martha Stewart is obviously my paint brand of choice. I discovered a whole bunch of her colors yesterday and fell in love with so many of them.  She really does have a great variety.   It is amazing how many times my mind has changed over certain colors in the house. Originally I had wanted to paint my room a very pale blue, but I’ve done a total 180 and am now painting it a dark grey tone.  I think it will really make my furniture and bedspread pop, while also making the room feel cozy. The master bedroom is really large, so I think dark paint in there will be just fine.

I also had a brief moment yesterday when I wanted to paint the guest bedroom in her spanish moss tone.  There was a picture in one of their magazines and the color looked gorgeous! But, it isn’t quite right for the feel of that room.  But you bet I’ll be using it in my beach house that I will one day own.

I can’t believe my painters start Monday. I cannot wait for it to be finished in a week or so.  I took pictures of my house with all of its white walls, but only half of them would upload. So, I’m going to post those, and then will post the other half later on this weekend.  Please ignore the fact that I didn’t bother to pick up at all before I took these pictures.  I wanted you to see my house in more of its “natural” setting. 🙂

Please also ignore the small red-headed dog. She loves the camera.

Master bath

Master Bath
Master Bedroom
Other side master bedroom

Messy living room

Stairs to master and office

Office/Storage room

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