I cheated….

That’s right.  I cheated all weekend long, day and night, on Lizzie.  With who you ask?

Meet Lucy

My mom’s absolutely precious, 100% puppy, golden retriever, with thunder thighs to boot.  We spent three wonderful days together in an allergy free bliss, cuddling, playing, and napping.  I did a few other things, but Lucy mainly stuck to that schedule.

My parents already have a dog, Polly, a chocolate lab. She is completely my dad’s dog though, so it was time for my mom to get a dog of her own. 

And, get this, she has a twin!  Apparently the birthing time between each pup is about 15 to 20 minutes (this is all heresay from the person my mom got her dog from), but little Lucy was born a minute apart from another little girl.  This little girl is still looking for a home.  I really wanted to bring her home with me, but I knew it would mean losing a boyfriend if I did.

I am still holding strong to the “needing a running dog” notion. Lizzie is only capable of running about a mile these days, and she absolutely hates every part of it. Casually walking and sniffing every plant in sight is more her style.  Having a dog that can put in lots of miles just seems to make sense to me, for both companionship and safety.  Hopefully Wes will see my side soon. : )

And, on a sort of related tangent, I ran my half this weekend in 1:54. My best yet! I was thrilled considering the lack of training and the hot temperatures down in McAllen.  I have a gorgeous Ipod tanline on my arm to show for it…. must get some sun asap!

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