Restaurant guilty pleasures

Not eating at restaurants for a month has left me daydreaming of all the places I really like. Here is a list (definitely not comprehensive) of some of my favorite places.  I consider all of these to be somewhat “guilty pleasure” style places.  Guilty pleasure defined as not extremely healthy, not very fancy, and just really really good.  I am yet to visit any of them, but will hopefully alleviate that soon.

Mexican (listed in order of best salsa)
1. Chuys
2. Hacienda (very close to first place)
3. Mattitos
4. Matt’s Rancho Martinez
5. Chipotle
6. Taco Cabana (don’t judge)
7. On the Border

1. Piggie Pies
2. Fireside Pies
3. Papa Johns

General American food
1. The Porch
2. State and Allen
3. Cheddars (no, I didn’t eat enough of it in college)

1. Bluefish
2. Sushi Axiom
3. Edohana

Mexican is clearly my favorite. A lot of these are Dallas specific so if you are ever in the area, give them a try! I’m also very anxious to try the restaurant that opened up in the old Cuba Libre spot. Has anyone been there yet? What are your favorite guilty pleasure restaurants?

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