Round Numero Uno!

Here is the first round of pictures.  I need to work on getting better angles so you can see more of the rooms, but these give a decent idea.  I am very happy with how everything turned out and am now daydreaming about my next home project: wood flooring upstairs.  That one is going to have to wait till next year though. $$$

Living room

Dining room

View from corner of living room

One side master bedroom

Lizzie’s room

Master bathroom corner

Part of master bathroom featuring my handy artwork

Windows in guest bedroom

Part of guest bed

Rooms that still need to be photographed include the office, powder bath, and guest bedroom.  The office is now one of my favorite rooms because of the gorgeous color. It is painted the same color as the accent wall on the fireplace, a slate tone. Too bad I never spend anytime in the office.  I will retake pictures tonight of the living room with my new area rug in. I can’t believe the rug I ordered on Tuesday from Overstock is already at my house, but it is! And I love it!  It is plush and very soft, and Lizzie will have no desire to eat it. Yay! 

I really can’t believe how painless this project was.  It required minimal effort on my part and was finished in two days. Moving furniture back took a total of about 3 hours.  If only all of my home improvement projects would go this smoothly. Gabriel set the bar very high.  If you need a painter, let me know. I would be more than happy to share his information.

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