1000 in (the remaining) 2011

Since I don’t have any upcoming races on the agenda, I’ve been doing some slacking when it comes to long runs.  My last long run was the half marathon I did several months ago. Ever since then I’ve just been doing 4 or 5 miles several times a week.

To get my butt back in gear, I’ve decided to set a new goal for myself.  I want to complete 1000 miles in the remaining 250 days in 2011.  That is 4 miles per day, or 28 miles per week.  Between CG and my occasional groupon passes for yoga, running four miles a day isn’t going to happen. I will be more focused on the overall goal of 28 miles per week. I know some weeks will be more and some will be much less, and once marathon training starts again, things will get really interesting.

It is also going to be pretty difficult for me to keep track of my miles. I have never been good with tracking things like this for any long period of time. Luckily, I have my Garmin with its built in history, so if I do forget to record a few days, I know I can reference it for help.

Go ahead and add 4.6 miles to the tally, leaving me with 995.4 miles to go!  

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