Weather woes

So yesterday, while running, I got stung by a giant wasp.  It was crazy windy outside, but I had just got new running shoes and was determined to get out and break them in. 

After a terrible two miles, I decided my body could not stand up to the 40 mph winds and decided to head home. Wes has a gym at his apartment, so I figured I could break my shoes in there.  As I was making the last turn towards my house, a wasp face-planted into my shoulder.  The second it landed on my shoulder, it started stinging me.  I had to pull it off with my hand and ended up getting my hand stung also.

It has probably been a solid 15 years since I’ve been stung by a bee or wasp or any type of creature like that.  It hurts much more than I remember. Maybe I’m just a bigger wimp than I was when I was a kid, but that wasp sting was ridiculous. I felt like a sissy, but that did not stop me from yelling “ow” all the way home.  My neighbors were all very confused.

And, to top everything off, we had a massive thunderstorm in the middle of the night yesterday. Wind, hail, rain, big time thunder, and lots of lightning.  Turns out that Neptune (the foster dog) is somewhat afraid of thunderstorms.  He woke up at the beginning of the storm and would not go back to sleep. He also did everything in his power to make sure that I was awake as well, which included humping his dog bed to the point where his crate rattled.  Definitely not one of his finer moments.

In house news, Wes is working on a mantle for my fireplace that I am really excited about. We have been talking about putting up a mantle for a while now, mainly so I have a place to hang my Christmas stockings from.  It is really looking great.  Here is a picture of it before the stain and how it will fit on the fireplace: 

And here it is after the stain has been applied. We should hopefully get to put it in place sometime tomorrow. I really love the way the stain turned out. It is almost a perfect match to the color of the wood on my door.  Isn’t Wes handy? 

I asked him to give me a “how-to” summary of how he did this so I can blog about it, so final pictures and the how to will be up later this week. 
This weekend also brought the return of the green monster.  I haven’t had a smoothie in so long, but after a brief discussion about it on Saturday, I decided it was time to bring it back.  It really is ugly, but it tastes so good. And is packed with good stuff.  They are a little bit scary, but I promise they are yummy.  Give one a try!

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