So May has proven to be a pretty busy month for me and I’ve forgotten all about blogging… but I have been traveling, eating, running, cging, birthdaying, jimmy buffeting,and all sorts of other stuff.

The highlight of May has definitely been the trip to California to visit Michael. Gorgeous hardly even describes the place where he is living. Here are some pictures from our trip. These were all taken on my phone so I have quite a few more on my camera at home.

Isn’t that the cutest birthday cake ever? It was a white cake with lemon buttercream… completely delicious.  I’m a lucky girl. 
Michael lives about half a mile from the beach and has a running trail right next to his patio that winds you down to the beach. I don’t think I have ever exercised more on a vacation than I did last week.  It was impossible to not want to go for a run everyday. And, we saw dolphins and seals down in the ocean when we went down the first day. Amazing!!  We also tried paddle boarding, which I totally sucked at, but it was still pretty fun. Although, I will say I wish I had on two wet suits.  The water was still freezing with just one!
Our vacation to visit Michael was awesome and I can’t wait to go again. I’m sure we will be making many more trips out there in the next few years. 

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