All’s well that ends….

Not so well for the black widow. 

Wes took care of him last night. Armed with a candle lighter and a random aerosol can found in the garage, he took on the spider and won!  No emergency room visits for us.  I’m probably going to have spider activists all over me on this one, but Wes decided that the quickest death for the spider would be through fire.  I mean that has to be better than a slow bug spray death right?  Regardless, my garage is now black widow free. And hopefully it stays that way.

After the downward spiral of yesterday, things have really started to turn around.  And here’s why:

I made funfetti cupcakes with a fresh strawberry buttercream glaze last night for Ray’s birthday.  Not to toot my own horn, but the buttercream was just as delicious as it sounds. Fresh strawberries, butter, cream, and powdered sugar. A winning combo in my book.

The Mavs won!! Back to Miami we go.  Hopefully to win it all in game six.

New neighbors moved in last night in the townhome next to me. They are a younger married couple. In the 24 hours that they have been here, I have already spoken to them more than the man that lived next to me for over a year.  Seriously. The only time I really talked to that neighbor was when he stumbled into my townhome drunk during my New Years Eve party.  Unfortunately, I may have made a bit of a “crazy dog lady” impression on the neighbors because….


I have added another foster to my group of dogs.  Bringing the total count to three, including Lizzie. He is only going to be around through Wednesday of next week, since I’m just babysitting for another foster while she is out of town.  His name is Captain Toby and I think I am in love.  He is a yellow lab with just the teensiest bit of shepherd in him. He is about 2 years old and is such a sweetheart.  Apparently he was an “owner surrender” at one of the shelters in North Dallas and tested positive for heartworms.  Luckily, Paws in the City saved this darling boy and he is now heartworm free.  Is it bad that I am secretly hoping he doesn’t get adopted this weekend so that I can keep him?

On another positive note, I discovered that the Cheesecake Factory has added more things to their bible like menu.  I know, this may not sound like a good thing, but just wait.  Typically I too would be really upset about this.  I’m a “less is more” kind of girl at restaurants. I figure if you have only  twenty things on your menu, you are probably really awesome at preparing those twenty things.  Plus it saves me a lot of time during the decision making process. But, CF has added a salad to their menu that has almost all of my favorite things on it… beets, goat cheese, asparagus, and candied pecans.  Find a way to add some queso to that salad, and I would be in heaven. 
And last but not least, I was invited through Chevrolet to do a barbeque scavenger hunt with other bloggers all over Dallas tomorrow afternoon. Chevy Texan has equipped me with a brand new Equinox (car number two, car number one was a standard and I still haven’t been taught how to drive standard **ahem Wes**).  I take off with Wes at 11:30 tomorrow sampling some of Dallas’ best barbeque. I really know nothing about it or how I was selected amongst other bloggers in Dallas, but I am super excited! Can’t wait to get a big barbeque food baby tomorrow.
Have a great weekend!!

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