How I ate my way through Saturday

Saturday was quite the (food) adventure.  I started the day off with a workout knowing that I would be consuming unhealthy amounts of food soon. After giving my empty stomach a little pep talk, Wes and I hopped into the new Chevy Equinox to begin the barbeque scavenger hunt. 

At Lockhart

Our instructions were to meet at the original Sonny Bryan’s for our first stop of the day.  Upon arrival, we were given plates and were reminded that we would be making several stops throughout the day, aka, save room.  Self control went by the wayside, and I filled my plate up.  While there, we learned that they go through over 400 pounds of brisket a day.  Wes made friends with the boss man and got a little tour of where the magic happens. I stayed back and ate another onion ring.  Wes and I decided Sonny Bryan’s is the perfect place if you are craving a little grease and sauce.  It’s good barbeque made by your typical Texas “good-ole boy.”  And the original location is quite charming. I recommend.

Loved the onion rings

Our next stop was Sammy’s.  The brisket at Sammy’s was much leaner than that of Sonny B’s, but everyone seemed to be more impressed with the sides.  I personally was happy to see a spinach salad and dessert being served.  The wife of the owner at Sammy’s was my favorite part. She came over and spoke to our table for quite a while, telling us how she convinced her husband to serve something besides meat at the restaurant.  A smart choice if you ask me.  I’ll take a lemon bar over brisket any day.

My only veggie all day

On we went to Lockhart in the Bishop Arts district.  I loved this place.  This was the only stop of the day that I hadn’t been to before, so I was really excited to try something new. There are no utensils or sauces at Lockhart.  It’s hard to find a barbeque place in Texas that doesn’t encourage using a barbeque sauce all over your meat.  I think this really speaks to the hardwork and knowledge of the chefs at Lockhart.  Clearly, they are more focused on the flavor and seasoning/smoking of the meat, as opposed to covering it up with a sauce.  Everything was delicious. If you boys ever need someone to come up with a dessert menu for you, give me a call. I think a Texas Sheet cake and a homemade banana pudding would really push your menu over the edge, but great job nonetheless.

Served family style, grab it with your fingers!

And last but not least, we went to Smoke.  I’ve been to Smoke several times and have always enjoyed it… especially their brunch. I was half tempted to ask the manager there to bring out a plate of pancakes.  Don’t worry, I stopped myself. The barbeque was very tasty, but the desserts are really what I love there. Can someone please teach me how you make your meringue so round? It is amazing! 

Wes and I shared the rib

My favorite, dessert!!

Making things more fun, Katie and Max were on the trip too. Katie actually is the one who suggested me for the scavenger hunt, so big thanks to her!!

After all of this, Wes and I returned to his apartment for Ray’s birthday party.  And can you guess what we did?  That’s right. Ate more barbeque.  Wes grilled up some of his awesome jalepeno sliders for everyone, and even though I was incredibly full, I ate again. I think the sliders were the highlight of my day.

 After eating half a cow on Saturday, I severely paid for it Sunday, and today actually.  My stomach has still not recovered and is demanding I eat only greens.  Oh, and ice cream.

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