Las Vegas Marathon!

I officially signed up for the Las Vegas marathon in December.  I am really excited about getting to run in this marathon.  Not only is it an awesome location (26.2 miles up and down the strip and into downtown LV), but more importantly, it supports the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation.

Most friends know that Crohns is something that has plagued my family for years. Both my Papa and Dad have suffered from Crohns.  My papa passed away years ago, but it is something that is still affects my Dad.  My Dad was finally diagnosed with Crohns after quite a few misses in his late twenties.  He has had several surgeries that have left with impressive scars along his abdomen, tried all sorts of interesting diets and natural remedies (drinking straight aloe juice, bleh), and has now luckily been in a remission state for quite a few years.  I account his remission to a combination of things: prayer, Nexium, and his overall stubborness and attitude towards Crohns. My dad now happily eats everything under the sun leaving his family members both bewildered and jealous of his metabolism.

A whole bunch of CG girls are going up to LV to run the half marathon at the same event.  It’s going to be a party! I know it is only June, and I never would wish time to go faster, especially in the summer, but I am really looking forward to December!

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