Summer Faves

June is here, officially ringing in the start of summer with the 100 degree heat wave that has taken over Dallas. I’m not even going to pretend like I don’t love it. These are the days I dream of during our few weeks of winter.  So, what more appropriate than a list of my all time summer favorites.

1. Cheap and comfortable summer clothing 

To make it through a Texas summer, one must be prepared with lots of light, airy clothing, that keeps you cool.  I just had a shopping spree at Old Navy and bought a ridiculous amount of $6 dresses. Yes, these will probably only last me through the summer, but at $6, who cares?  The online price now says $10, but check them out here.

I’m also totally loving the romper this year. Yes, I am in my late twenties and I am sporting rompers. Back off. They are totally comfortable, look adorable with a cute white jean jacket, and can be dressed up or down depending on your accessories. I found all of mine at Express, and guess what, they are on sale now! Here I am wearing one of my current romper faves with Ali last weekend

And my last favorite summer item is white tanks and shorts.  Gap, Express, and Nordstrom Rack have provided me with a ton of really cute, comfy, colorful shorts this summer. Pair it with a cute loose white tank top, bright jewelry, and you’ll be set! I have been practically living in my Paige shorts (found at Nordstrom Rack for a steal of a price).

Hating the shoes though…

2. Summer food

Quinoa, fresh corn, lemons, berries, salsas, mango, cilantro, fish tacos, squash, cucumber… I could go on and on.  Meals for the last few weeks have been lots of quinoa salads splashed with a whole bunch of fresh lemon juice.  I just chop up every vegetable I have in the fridge, mix it in with quinoa, sometimes add fish or chicken, and devour. It is perfect after a hot summer workout.  And after eating such a light supper, having a strawberry cake frosted with dark chocolate icing, topped with strawberries is totally acceptable.  Right??

3. Outdoor workouts

This probably won’t appeal to a lot of my friends, but I know my CG girls will get it. To me, running outside, doing sprints, weights, jumping jacks, planks, etc beats the heck out of spending time in the gym. Gross, yes, but I love being in my workout clothes covered in sweat.  Bring on the long runs.

4.  Sunscreen

Love it! The smell of it reminds me of the beach. My late twenties self is totally kicking my early twenties self for not being all about sunscreen.  However, I did read recently that sun damage does not all happen in your teens and early twenties. In fact, according to the article, only about 20% of the damage is done then, contrary to what I used to think. So, hopefully my new love of sunscreen will save my face, neck, and hands from too many terrible sunspots.  Do yourself a favor and pick up a few bottles at Target to keep in your car.  You never know when you might spend the afternoon sitting on a patio somewhere.

5.  Patios and puppies

Nothing better than sitting on a patio with friends and few puppies enjoying the day.  Dallas has some awesome patios that I hope to be visiting soon. To name a few of my current faves: Hacienda, Three Sheets, and Katy Trail Ice House.  Avoid the beer-ritas at the Ice House.  Delicious yes, but quite a few unfortunate side effects, including, but not limited too, dancing, story telling, and talking with a terrible accent.  Eek.

6. Pool parties

Days at the pool with my friends (wearing our sunscreen of course) are one of my favorite memories in Dallas.  I’m still not quite too old for it and plan on spending many a days at the pool this summer. 

What are your favorite summer things??

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