My favorite icecream

Recently I was informed that every summer, Blue Bell comes out with a new limited time ice cream flavor.  Somehow I have missed this all these years, which is incredibly odd, considering Blue Bell ice cream has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. 

My mom’s favorite has always been the standard homemade vanilla. If there aren’t at least two half gallons of it in our freezer at home at all times, something is wrong.  And heaven forbid there be another brand of ice cream in our house besides Blue Bell. I mean it is simply the best there is.

My favorites seem to change all the time.  Recently my favorite has been “Butter Crunch.”  It is so awesome and reminds me of a Dairy Queen butterfinger blizzard, only 10 times better.  I’ve also been digging the coffee flavor lately.  Strawberry and homemade vanilla will always hold a special spot in my heart though. They will always be amongst my list of favorites.

Apparently this summer’s flavor is Coconut Fudge.

Picture stolen from the Blue Bell website, here

Wes and I were able to score some of this last night.  I typically don’t buy it unless there is some kind of 2 for $7 deal, but last night we made a special exception.  We paid full price for it. Quantity is limited and I panicked!  I absolutely could not wait for Albertson’s to have a sale on ice cream.  It is now happily resting in my freezer waiting for me to come home and eat it tonight. I did sneak a little taste of it at lunch today.  Pure heaven. 🙂

Want to know my favorite way to eat it?  With a fork straight out of the container. I don’t care how weird/gross that is. I clearly have no intentions of sharing it with anyone except people who don’t mind eating it out of the container with me… ie Wes & Lizzie.  I’m so glad they accept me for who I am.

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