A tribute to those that RSVP

This post is inspired by my very dear friend Chinae who blogs over at Be Better Blog. She takes on those issues that many don’t have the cajones to write about. So today, I’m taking on the Be a Better: Guest

Thank you to those mothers that taught their children the value of an RSVP.

My mother, aunts, and grandmothers would all be mortified to know how many people fail to do this.

In these days of mass communication, cell phones, email, evites, text message, facebook , to name a few, an RSVP is not something that is hard to do.  In fact it is beyond simple to do.  Most invitations come with a phone number and an email address.  Email address obviously making it incredibly easy for those lacking the social skills necessary to call someone up on the phone. 

Yes we are all busy. Yes, the majority of us have jobs, children, pets that act like children, husbands, wives, boyfriend, girlfriends, a social life, etc. You are not alone.  So don’t even get me started on those that are “too busy to RSVP.”

I encourage you, next time you get an invitation in the mail, go ahead and RSVP immediately.  I mean check your calendar first, make sure you’re not dog-sitting your aunt’s best friend’s Pomeranian Chloe that day, then reply.  For the most part, the host will not judge you to much for being a little too over-zealous (think wearing a college date party shirt before the event has happened), and will greatly appreciate your response. 

Do what’s right people.

On a side note, this was no way aimed at the people who read my blog. I know you all are very courteous human beings.

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