Marathon dos

Today begins my “official” training for the Las Vegas marathon in December.  I like to start a little earlier than most, and give myself a 19 week training time.  It worked for me last year, so will hopefully work again. 

Given that this is my second marathon, I have a few goals for myself this year, other than my “just finish” mentality from last year.  That was the perfect mentality for me last year because it kept me from being too hard on myself regarding finishing time.  But, my goal for this year is to finish this in under 4 hours and to actually follow my pace.  Last year I started out way too fast too early. I was running at half marathon pace for the first 14 miles or so, and then really started to burn out around mile 18/19.  I didn’t hit “the wall,” but I was definitely regretting not following my pace card.

Clearly speedwork and greater distance will be the ticket to helping me get faster for this marathon.  I’ve been doing lots of speedwork on the treadmill, but that really doesn’t translate well for me when it is time to run outdoors.  Some people are able to keep the same pace indoors and outdoors, but I’m just not one of them.  I know that I am going to have to be quite a bit more disciplined with my running this time.  Waking up before work to run is definitely going to have to happen since running in 105 degree temperatures could be the end of me.  I had my first successful early morning run this Saturday.  I was up at ready to go at 6:30, which in my book, is incredibly early… especially on a Saturday. 

Anyway, I am really excited about starting training… Not only because it means my trip to Vegas is a mere 19 weeks away, but it also means that Christmas will be here in no time! Yay!!

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