The return of college football

I am my parent’s only child.  Unfortunately for my father, his only child happened to be a girl.  What does a football loving father do when faced with this dilemma? Simple. Ignore the fact that most girls are not predestined to like football and inundate the house with it throughout her childhood, ignoring all pleas from the child’s mother.  At least that is how things worked in our household.

From the beginning of fall through early winter every year, football was always on at least one of the televisions in our house.  High school football, college football, professional football, even Canadian football… you name it, we watched it.  With the sport being so heavily embedded in my psychological makeup, it seemed only appropriate for me to attend a university where football was a part of the culture.  Of course I cared about academics and all that other stuff too, but it would be a lie if I said athletics, more importantly football, didn’t have a large role in my decision.

Living in Texas, there are quite a few schools with great football programs. But, since a young age, my heart has belonged to Texas A&M.  Back in third grade, my elementary school crush asked me whether I was an Aggie or a Longhorn, a question asked on many a playgrounds in Texas schools.  To the person asking this question, there is always a right and wrong answer.  And luckily for me, when I was asked that question I knew the right answer was “an Aggie.”  It’s funny that such a small decision made back in the third grade stuck with me throughout my life.  I decided to attend Texas A&M after high school.  And I had a wonderful college experience, regardless of the fact that our football team never quite made it out of the slump.

We are gradually working our way out of that slump now.  This year, A&M is going into the season ranked…. in the top ten. This is no small feat my friends.  I am anxiously awaiting this Sunday evening where we kick off our season against SMU.  I will be heading down to College Station with a group of fellow Aggies and quite a few Ponies to tailgate and attend the first game. 

Whether we stay in the Big 12 or make a (opportunity loaded) move to the SEC, A&M will always be Texas A&M.  A school filled with great tradition, pride, and a love for football.  Gig’ Em!

Anyone have any have to make tailgating recipes? I’ll be featuring some of my favorites later this week.  Bring on the 7 layer dip and beer can chicken.

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