Things are a changing…

Over the last few months, a lot of my posts have been very much not cooking related, but more so about dogs, running, and other random stories.  Although I do absolutely love to cook and you will still find loads of baked goods here, I decided to take my blog in another direction.

I’m not exactly sure what direction that is yet, but like most of the things in my life, it will most likely be covered in dog hair. 

To start things off, I think it would be most appropriate to write about the little gem I scooped up yesterday from the Collin County Animal Shelter.  I am calling her Harper, after one of my favorite author’s, Harper Lee.

Isn’t she a doll? Many thanks to facebook which enables volunteers to put together lists of dogs that don’t have much time left, because of this I was able to stalk her all weekend. Her time was almost up (like seriously, one day away), but luckily I got there before that could happen. 

It has been a while since I have actually gone to the shelter with the intention of taking one of the dogs home. Usually I go to walk or play with the dogs, while the majority of my fosters come from rescue groups that have done the leg work of pulling the dogs from the shelters.  Anyway, yesterday I arrived at the shelter and did a walk through of all the cages.  There were so many beautiful dogs there waiting to be saved. In the mix I saw several full-blood golden retrievers, two other full Labrador retrievers, a boxer, lots of miniature terriers (you know, the ones that are all the rage for girls to get right when they graduate college), and a huge variety of puppies. 

I easily found my girl during my walkthrough. When I opened up her cage to visit with her, she immediately sat down and tried to “shake.” She was trying to impress me with her tricks. I quickly told her “don’t worry, I came for you.” And every part of me believes that she understood exactly what I was saying.

Last night was one of the easiest nights I have had with a foster dog. She appears to be completely potty trained and is really just looking for someone to play with.  Once she puts on a few pounds and her allergies have cleared up, she will be ready for adoption.  If you know of anyone interested in a beautiful black lab, please let me know.

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  1. LOVE THIS!! I am a head volunteer for the Boxer Rescue. I have 2 rescued babies and we are fostering another dog right now. Doesn’t it just break your heart how many dogs are out there!
    I love your post and I’m glad I found your blog. It made my day! 🙂

    Give that sweet pup a hug for me! I’ll spread the word!

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