Uncharted waters…

Things are going really great with the new foster dog, Harper.  She is very obedient and potty trained, which makes having her as a house guest a complete breeze. 

But having her around has brought up a few questions that I am gradually working out the answers too.

First, she is extremely underweight but has an abundance of energy since she is a young lab. Typically, with energetic dogs, I try to take them out every morning on a run.  It is a great way to get the energy level under wraps and is fun for the dog.  When I have to work all day, a sleepy/worn out dog is a happy dog.  How can I burn off some of this energy without burning off too many calories? Right now I am taking the run her in the morning, feed her more throughout the day approach.  This is yet to be vet approved, but hopefully will be ok with her doctor when she sees one this weekend.

Having an underweight dogs isn’t typically a problem in my household.  My sweet Lizzie has gradually gained about 4 pounds since the beginning of the year, and actually needs to be put on a slight diet.  Harper’s thin frame has caused a stressed relationship with Lizzie. No, Lizzie is not jealous of Harper’s sleek, model-esque frame, but more so of the multiple meals Harper gets fed a day.  In fact, I’ve started giving Lizzie chunks of carrots whenever Harper gets her peanut butter treat in the morning to help subside the treat envy.  I don’t think Lizzie has caught on that Harper isn’t getting carrots, but it’s only a matter of time friends. She knows the smell of peanut butter, and she will not be happy when she realizes the smell is coming from Harper’s mouth. 

My last concern is with finding a low cost vet. Has anyone used any of the low cost spay/neuter/vaccination clinics?  I have information on quite a few of them, but am yet to make a decision on who would be best.  I love my vet, but cannot afford to pay his prices on a dog that I am going to be giving away to an adoptive family.  I would love to hear from you if you have a suggestion for a vet or have used one of the low cost clinics. Email me here or leave a comment.

Here’s a cute picture of Lizzie and Harper waiting for their carrot/peanut butter treat. 

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