Aetna Recipe Contest

I guess I got a little bit of the recipe contest bug after entering the Central Market hatch chile contest.  Last week, I found the Aetna healthy food fight recipe contest and decided to enter.  Looking through my recipes, I decided that one of my favorite recipes that I’ve come up with so far is still the Quinoa Stuffed Bell Peppers. It is healthy, full of protein, and could very easily be turned into a vegetarian dish. In fact, this recipe is actually of my “menu” for this weeks meals… and I’m really looking forward to it.

This contest sounds awesome though. A group of semi-finalists will get to cook their entree for judges. Based on taste, appearance, votes, and health rating, the judges will pick a winner from the group.  The winner will then be sent to NYC to cook for…. BOBBY FLAY! How cool is that!!

If you have time, I would really appreciate your vote.  You can vote once a day for the next two weeks.  You do have to sign up with your email address and home address, but from what I can tell, they do not spam you at all. I have only received one email from them letting me know that my registration went through. The website is a little wonky though and keeps having problems on my browser, but I was still able to get my vote in.  Here is the link I used to access my recipe:

 Vote for Lindsey’s recipe!!

I also really encourage you to try this recipe at home.  If you don’t want to go through all the work of stuffing the bell peppers, you can chop them up and saute the peppers to serve on the side.  I have used this trick and liked it equally as well as the stuffed pepper.

And, to not make this post entirely about voting, here are some ridiculous pictures of Lizzie and Harper fighting over a de-stuffed elephant. No matter how many toys there are throughout the house, the dogs always want this elephant. Harper has completely removed the stuffing from it and it is missing an ear.

Lizzie is really bracing down in this one. 

Harper is pretending that Lizzie is actually putting up a good fight.

This went on for a few more minutes until Wes came in from above, grabbing the toy from both of their mouths, for the win.

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