A big vegan mistake

Desserts have always been my thing. I really enjoy making them and am actually pretty good at it.  It is not uncommon for me to see a picture of creamed butter and sugar on a blog and immediately feel the desire to create something. 
With that said, I have occasionally thought about vegan baking. You know… the kind of baking that doesn’t use butter, or eggs, or heavy cream.  Although it is definitely not my style, there are definitely some great vegan recipes out there.  Some turn out to be delicious, mainly the ones from Mama Pea’s recipe book, while others seem to be lacking in something. But, for the most part, I have always been able to choke down my vegan creations. 

That was until today.

You know, the blog world is such an amazing resource. You find ideas and recipes that even in your wildest dreams you wouldn’t have come up with.  For example, green monsters. These are one of my absolute favorite recipes from the blog world, as is the breakfast cookie.  Both easy to make, both healthy, both delicious!  Today I came across a recipe for vegan blondies, made with an extra “special” ingredient.  See below.

That’s right friends. I used garbanzo beans to make blondies.  This recipe was absolutely raved about on so many different blogs. Like seriously raved about, over 300 positive comments about it.  After reading all that, I figured why not give it a try. I had the ingredients in my pantry and it would take all of 5 minutes to put together. 

I’ve always known that I have relatively sensitive taste buds. If something is even slightly off, chances are I won’t eat it.  Well, this was more than slightly off. I’m not going to say they were completely terrible, but delicious is definitely not a word that comes to mind either. Bring on the butter and eggs, my experiments with vegan baking are complete.

Maybe it was a mental thing, but all I could taste was hummus blended in with my brownies. And that just isn’t going to cut it folks. I’m going to have Wes try this tonight without telling him what is in it before.  That will be the true test. 

I’ll get back to you.


I wish I was updating this to add that I somehow saved this recipe. But even after adding cocoa powder, cinnamon, and chocolate chips, it still had a little too much of a hummus thing going  on.  I couldn’t bring myself to serve it to Wes, so this dish ended up right where it belongs… in the trash can.

Note to self, if something doesn’t sound right in a recipe, it probably won’t taste right either. 

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