My models

Like I mentioned earlier this week, I purchased a new camera this weekend.  I haven’t had that many opportunities to get out and try it around town yet, so I have been chasing Lizzie and Harper around the house paparazzi style. 

Because of this, Lizzie now thinks she is famous and that Harper is her bodyguard. I’ll entertain her delusions until she starts making crazy demands and requests to wear Lady Gaga style outfits. See below.


Until then, I will keep practicing on the dogs.  Here are a few pictures from the various photoshoots we have had throughout the week.

The last three are Harper and Lizzie licking the bowl.  Don’t worry it has been triple washed since this was taken. 

Looking through these has made me realize that I may be slightly spoiling Harper.  But, I think she fully deserves it after what she has been through. Hopefully her new adoptive parents will be fine with an animal that lays on the couch, cleans up dessert bowls, and prefers to sleep in bed.

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