Tour de Fleur recap

Today was my first race of the fall running season.  I chose the Tour de Fleur at the Dallas Arboretum.  It was a 20k run, which fits perfectly into my training plan for the December marathon.  I took the standard pre-race picture with the dogs before Wes dropped me off.  Lizzie prefers to pose for running pictures instead of actually doing any running.

It was a really good race to help get me prepared for the marathon.  The weather was amazing temperature wise, but the humidity was bit higher than usual.  The race course was well marked with just a few hills, and of course the Arboretum was beautiful. I didn’t have my new camera with me, but snagged a few with the camera phone.  The pumpkin castles were really amazing; they really made me wish I was five years old again so that it would be acceptable to pretend I was a pumpkin princess.

I wish I knew how many pumpkins they have there.  I would have to guess somewhere in the neighborhood of 5,000. Where do they all come from and who is in charge of lining the walkways at the Arboretum with them? I would not want that job. Check out the size of some of those pumpkins.

However, it is the absolute perfect place to take your children, or fur children in my case, for some beautiful fall pictures.

The “after party” at the race was huge. There were tons of food vendors, lots of free samples for things like gu, icy hot pain wipes, a cupcake lady, and an 80’s cover band.  Right after I walked off the course, I saw the band.  The music was good, but I was a tad bit confused as to what the women on the trampoline like platforms were doing:

I’m not going to lie, I was incredibly jealous of how well they could move their hips.  I’m assuming they were with the band, and not just some wild runners trying to loosen up after the race. I know I couldn’t move like that after running 12.4 miles. It was interesting to say the least.

I ended up running the course a little long, coming in at 12.52 with an official time of 1:49.  According to my watch, I hit the 12.4 mark at a little under 1:48. Overall I am pleased with my time and think I am pretty much on track for a faster marathon.  December will be here in no time!

Now please excuse me, I’m heading back to the couch to watch more college football and eat butter crunch blue bell ice cream straight out of the container.

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