5 weeks left

My marathon is 5 weeks away. I can’t believe it is that close already. I had a pretty serious long run today, 19 miles.  It actually felt really good.  My left knee was giving me a few issues towards the end, but nothing serious, just a light ache. And if a slight knee ache is all that is bothering me after 19 miles, then I have a lot to be thankful for.

I took the new Santa Fe Trail to White Rock Lake today. This was my second time on it, and this experience was much better than the first.  I started at the beginning of the trail at Hill Street in East Dallas, ran to the lake, did a lap around, then ran all the way home. It worked out to a perfect 19 miles.  The weather couldn’t have been better. The first time I ran the trail, it was in the low 90’s… definitely not ideal.  Today’s temperatures felt great, making running on concrete for several hours not too bad.

A lot of people ask me what I think about when running for that long.  I always have trouble answering because it is hard to remember thinking about anything.  I think running is sort of like meditating for me. It is a very personal time, which is why I rarely have a running partner.  For part of my run, my mind goes to another place and I just focus on moving.  The other half of my run is a time that I find myself praying, thinking of others, or just searching for motivation.  An instant motivation booster for me is thinking of all the people who are sick or simply unable to run.  I take my next few steps thinking of them and also being thankful for my ability to run.

Today I came up with a fun little “game” that took up a few minutes.  Going through the alphabet, I thought of a friend or family member whose name started with that letter.  I either said a quick prayer for them or thought about reasons I was thankful for them.  If your ears were ringing or itching this afternoon, it was probably me thinking of you!

White Rock Lake is one of favorite places in Dallas. Someday soon I need to take my real camera out there and get some pictures. The way the sun sets on the lake with the city in the background is beautiful.      There were lots of people out there today on blankets just enjoying the weather and company of others.  I think Wes, Lizzie, Wilson, and I will be heading out there next weekend to do the same.

If you have been thinking about signing up for your first 5k, 10k, half, or marathon, Glass Heel is starting a running team. You can read about it here. The team will be your go to place for support, encouragement, or venting. Whether you had an amazing 5k, hit your PR, or simply just had an off day, we would love to hear about it and have you on are team!

Happy running!

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