5k fun

The Red Balloon Run & Relay was a great success for “The One” Society.  We were able to raise $10k for Children’s!  
I was really excited yesterday because this guy ran his first 5k!  And he did awesome.

Wes started the race off fast, keeping pace with Lindsay and me.  Since he hadn’t really done much training for the 5k, he wasn’t sure how it would go.  Wes has been attending CG with me, so does quite a bit of cardio, just not in the form of distance running.  He completed the race in about 27 minutes! I was so proud of him.  Hopefully it will encourage him to do a few more 5k races. I would love to have a running partner.

After the race, our group headed to the Barley house to continue our fundraising and watch college football.  All in all, it was a great Saturday.

My Sunday has been rather lazy thus far.  It’s a taper week, running wise, but I still need to get in ten miles today.  However, breakfast was a little heavy, albeit delicious

Wes whipped up some french toast for us this morning.  I was completely out of milk, but happened to have whipping cream.  It made for some decadent toast… so yummy.  Running may not be happening anytime soon.

Someone else really wished she could have a piece…

She settled for a strawberry instead.  It’s so hard to resist that cute little face!! She is now happily napping on the couch.

I think I might join her.

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