Birthday party!

Thank you to everyone who came to Wes’ birthday party on Saturday!  I know he had a great time and was so happy to be surrounded by such great friends.  His birthday party started out at the “executive kitchen” of his apartment complex where everyone met.  After a fantastic Rangers win, several serious rounds of “you’ve got got,” and lots of peanut butter sheet cake, we walked over to Strangeways.

I think Strangeways was built for Wes. The exterior of the building is very rustic, with no windows, but a great patio area.  It has a neighborhood tavern feel to it and has about a million different beers on tap.  Ok, well maybe not a million, but a large selection to say the least.  There is also quite a few appealing items on their food menu, much different from typical bar fare. And the staff is incredibly friendly, always a plus! Give it a try next time you are in the Henderson area in Dallas. 

Wes spent the day of his birthday much like most other Saturdays: thinking about how he can improve the garage.  For his birthday and as part of his Christmas gift from my parents, Wes got the work bench he wanted. 
Earlier this month, he purchased several of the Seville cabinets for the garage, so this is the matching work bench.  He was able to get it all assembled on Sunday and it looks awesome.  I don’t know much about work benches, or garage stuff for that matter; however, Wes says this desk was an incredible deal.  I’m just glad he likes it.  And lucky for me there are quite a few other pieces that match the set, so it looks like I will have gifts covered for a while. Here is a sneak peak of the garage right now. I’m sure Wes will have more stuff done this weekend once we get my new deep freeze in place.  Yes, I bought a deep freeze. Just imagine the number of blue bell half gallons I can fit in that thing!

Doesn’t it look great?

And here are a couple pictures from Wes’ party and of his second birthday cake.

The last picture is the reason why I knew making two birthday cakes was a good idea.  I used this recipe from Tasty Kitchen for Wes’ second birthday cake with a few slight modifications. It was a peanut butter sheet cake, and it was just as delicious as it sounds.  Instead of using a peanut butter icing, I used my chocolate sheet cake icing.  I also sprinkled peanut M&Ms on the top at the end to make the cake a little more festive!  The crowd loved it, as demonstrated by the last picture where all but three slices had been devoured.  
The peanut butter cake was also a hit with several dogs I know.
An old picture, but you get the idea…

Thanks again for everyone who came to celebrate!!

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