Goodbye Friday

I probably shouldn’t have picked Friday to join Pinterest.  My ability to focus on Friday is already severely hindered, but this is going to take it to a whole new level.

Lauren O sent me a link earlier this week to join, so I finally took the plunge. To say my confusion level is high is an understatement.  I always seem to be slow to jump on the bandwagon for social media. I mean I joined twitter two weeks ago, and I still don’t log on very regularly.  So, Pinterest experts, I need your help. 

Does it have to be linked up to facebook? My Pinterest account has me following people that I really don’t want to be following and I’m not sure how to undo this.  Clearly I have been lazy on facebook and should have unfriended these people a while ago, but who has the time for that?

How do you figure out where to buy the things that are “pinned?”  I have already seen several items that I desperately need right now.

(Reiterating number one) Seriously, I need to find out how to unfollow people. How is this so hard? I see buttons to follow people but none to unfollow.  Do they exist?!

Am I having so many problems because I’m using a PC and not a mac?  Maybe this will all clear itself up when I get home and use my computer.

I also probably shouldn’t have followed things in the wedding category.  Now, I want a fall wedding right this second. And I’m not engaged. Wes, this is trouble for you my friend.

Is there a puppy category? I need to find it.

I feel like I have Pinterest induced ADD.  This is not good. Lauren, I blame you.

*I think I figured out how to “unfollow.” When you click on the button next to someone’s name that says “following,” it switches to a “Follow all.”  This has to mean you have stopped following that person.*

**Huge thank you to everyone that voted in the Aetna contest. I was notified that I am in the top 3 and will be cooking at the state fair on Sunday October 16th in the 2-6pm window. Yay!!!**

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  1. Welcome to the ridiculously addictive world of Pinterest! 🙂

    To unfollow a person, click on your picture in the far top right corner. This will take you to your ‘page’. Above your picture on the left it will say _#_ followers, _#_ following. Clicking on the ‘following’ link will take you to a list of everyone you’re following. You should be able to unfollow them from here. FYI, it’s kinda tricky, though. It says “Following” if you’re following then and “Follow” if you’re not. You can also click on the person’s name to see their boards and pick and choose certain boards to follow.

    You can usually click on the picture of the item to get to the original source. It make take lots of clicks to get there due to repinning, etc. This usually works, but due to the various ways ppl can pin stuff to their board there may be a few times when it doesn’t.

    There is a ‘Pets’ category under ‘Everything”. Or you can search for dogs, etc.

    I hope this helps! Best of luck to Wes 😉 Give Wilson a big hug and belly scratch for me (and Lizzie, too!)

    Tiffany Heape

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