High school photo day

Earlier this week, I had to take a head shot at work.  It instantly reminded me of the pictures you take when you are in highschool for the year book. You know the ones… where your head is slightly tilted and you are gazing up at something that invokes extreme curiousity in the corner of the room.  This inspired me to stage a high school themed photo shoot with the dogs.  Using angel food as the curiousity invoking piece, I was able to capture some lovely photos of Lizzie and her arch-nemesis Wilson.

Lizzie wanted to make sure there were no angel food crumbs on her nose.  She would hate for a few crumbs to ruin a photograph.
Take two.

Lizzie swears the camera adds five pounds. Now time for Wilson!

I forgot to mention Wilson recently had a certain “demasculating” surgery… hence the cone.

Wilson pulled off the perfect senior high school photo pose.  He takes his photo shoots very seriously.

I think he looks quite handsome.  Because he had his surgery, Wilson is now officially available for adoption!  You can find his adoption information here.  He is a great guy, full of energy and lots of love. The majority of the time he is a complete ham, but he does know how to settle down and relax.  Currently he is napping on a stack of pillows next to me. His favorite place to be is right next to anyone who wants to scratch his head.

As always, if you know of anyone interested in a handsome, black lab mix who has time to exercise him and spend time with him, let me know!

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