Making Dallas “No-Kill”

I was thrilled when I logged on to facebook and saw a new page for Dallas Companion Animal Project.  I encourage everyone who is passionate about making Dallas a “no-kill” city to like the page here

From their website, found here, Dallas Companion Animal Project is a task force “charged with developing a blueprint for ending the killing of adoptable animals.”   And, using their research, out of the 28,392 animals brought in to Dallas animal shelters last year, 20,684 were euthanized.  That is 72.85% folks.  This number is absolutely heartbreaking. 

Obviously this topic is something that is very near and dear to my heart.  Dallas becoming a no-kill city ranks very high on my list of things I wish would happen.  To accomplish this, the task force is working to develop a plan that will

  • lower animal intake
  • increase rescue/adoption
  • increase animal redemption by owners
  • decrease spay/neuter costs and raise awareness around the importance
  • increase advocacy

I can ramble on and on about the benefits of owning a “companion animal,” rescuing from a shelter, or fostering, but I understand there are people who don’t have the space, the money, or are still under the impression that the best dogs are purchased from breeders. I’m not going to get on my soap box about breeders, puppy mills, and spending thousands of dollars on a designer dog. Chances are I won’t change anyone’s mind if they have their heart set on a certain breed. I will say to please do your homework when purchasing from a breeder. There are fantastic ones out there that respect their dogs and treat them like family.  Sadly, there are also the other type…

Go ahead and google puppy mill… particularly check out the images. Sorry for the underhand soapbox rant… won’t happen again.

So how can you help if you don’t have the time, money, or space to adopt an animal?  Use your voice!  At any given point, there are probably about five of your facebook friends that might be interested in a new animal.  Honestly, I had no idea the number of people that really wanted to help until I started posting about shelter dogs on facebook.  Sure, you will get a few people that “unfriend you” or “hide your posts,” but those are probably the random people who you met once at a bar back in college.  Not that big of a loss.

The reach of social media is huge.  Network a dog that you think is cute, send pictures of a kitten to all your cat-loving ladies, or if you are like me, beg your boyfriend to let you foster a dog or two. 

The rule in my house is that as long as the combined weight of the dogs I have is under my weight, I’m good.  You know, just in case Lizzie decides to team up with the foster dogs and plot a way to break into the dog food container, I should feasibly be able to stop them.

There are lots of ways to help if you are truly interested, with social media and networking being one of the easiest and most effective!  I am so excited about the possibilities the Dallas Companion Animal Project will bring to the animals in our community.  Hopefully this dream of mine and so many others in Dallas will be one that is realized soon.

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