Time flies

Almost every Monday morning I think to myself “gosh the weekend just flew by.”  I don’t know why I am still surprised by this; it happens every week. But, today was no different than usual.  Between the race, football, dinner with friends, and a housewarming party, I got very little accomplished on the home front.  Currently I’m facing the week with a very messy house, no idea what I’m cooking for dinner, and two wild dogs that didn’t get enough attention this weekend.

Thank heavens the maid is coming tomorrow. She was scheduled to come today, but luckily cancelled last minute.  Typically I would be upset by this, but since I didn’t have time to do my “pre-maid” clean, I took the news well. 

Yes, I clean before my maid comes. She can’t know the true quantity of dog hair I live with.

After a quick peak at pinterest and a few other sites, I think I have dinner for a couple nights somewhat figured out.  I’m thinking butternut squash risotto or macaroni and cheese, chili and cornbread, and maybe enchiladas. Grocery shopping will ensue at lunch.

My stress level is already on the decline.

If you have time, take a trip over to Glass Heel today.  My article about “Making time for Your Passions” is up here.

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