Memoirs of a red headed spaniel

Hi there! Lizzie here. Lindsey has clearly cluttered my blog up with all sorts of butter laden recipes. Since this blog is obviously supposed to be about me (hello, have you seen the header?) I thought it would be nice for me to divulge a little about what my day consists of. It is, of course, extremely interesting.

Around 7:30 every morning, I like to move from my comfortable spot underneath the covers to the top of Lindsey’s head. Naturally she prefers this style of wake up, as opposed to listening for an alarm.  I’ve also found that she moves much quicker when woken up this way, which is absolutely vital because immediately after she wakes up, she moves on to her most important job of the day…. serving my breakfast. I have my breakfast, served in clean porcelain bowls, every morning between 7:35 and 7:45. If I am not served breakfast by 7:50, I demand an excuse. However, this rarely happens as Lindsey understands the importance of a healthy breakfast to start each day.

Lindsey has some sort of schedule where five days out of the week she disappears dressed in fancy clothes shortly after feeding me.  I still haven’t quite figured out where she goes, but she returns every day with a rather unbecoming fluorescent glow. She needs a spray tan, stat. Regardless of whether she is home or not, I like to take my morning nap shortly after our morning excursion. We go out every day after breakfast so I can see the sights around our neighborhood, make sure no wild dogs stopped by during the middle of the night, and to take care of a little bit of business.  I try to avoid the grass at all costs on our walk, you never know what wild animal might have relieved themselves there. Gross.

After my nap, I like to watch a little television. Lindsey used to leave Animal Planet on for me, but that Cesar guy was a little much for me. You can only listen to how to be a pack leader so many times. And besides, every dog knows the best way to be a leader is to ignore every other dog in the house.  You’ll always be the pack leader if you pretend they don’t exist. Duh. Now, I enjoy the Food Network, especially Bobby Flay. We redheads have to stick together.

After a few episodes, Lindsey comes home for lunch.  We spend the solid part of an hour cuddling, eating lunch, and dreaming up what to have for supper.  I like to toss a few ideas out from time to time, but she usually already has an idea ready to go. The girl can cook, so I try not to interfere.  Unless she’s planning on making chicken. She sucks at chicken.

When lunch time is over, I’m usually pretty worn out from all the thinking and snuggling, so I head back upstairs for a quick dog nap.  Sometimes I taunt Wilson, the foster, who stays in the bathroom. He likes to chew, so I have to keep him regulated.

Wilson leave the monkey alone!

By the time I’m done with all that, Lindsey is home.

We spend the rest of the evening walking outside, talking about girl things, cooking supper for Wes, and eating ice cream.  It’s all very exciting. Sometimes we all watch movies on the couch or other times we head over to my vacation home just down the street when Wes is preparing supper. Wes and Ray stay at my vacation home the majority of the time. Ray is ok. He’s a little too tall for my liking, so I try to stay away from him.  You have to watch out for tall people; they could sit on you and not even know it.

I really do live an ideal life. Other daily activities may include chasing after a ball, guarding the house from the mail man, taking car rides in the convertible, avoiding going for a run, resting on pillow mountains, and sampling desserts. Short of Lindsey disappearing almost every day for several hours, I would say my life is pretty perfect.
Jealous? I thought so.

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