My clock’s set back. Is yours?

It being completely dark at 6:30 is weirding me out a little bit. But other than that, I am quite happy about the time change.  I was especially happy today when I had to wake up considerably early for a Sunday (6:30) to get in 20 miles before the Cowboy’s game.

If it wasn’t for the extra hour, I can guarantee I would have pressed the snooze button and just forgotten about running.  Per usual, I’m very glad that didn’t happen and that I actually stuck to my training plan. 20 miles was finished in exactly 3 hours, so I am on track for my marathon goal.  Yippee!

My recovery was spent at the Cowboy’s stadium where this beckoned my name all four quarters…

The candy table! I seriously felt like a child. I’m still unsure of the exact number of Reese’s I consumed, but I do know there are still a few lingering in my purse. This is quite possibly my favorite thing about Cowboy’s stadium, which is saying a lot because it is an incredible place.

The rest of my Sunday involved a lot of time with my legs propped up on the couch.

I did receive some very exciting news though.  An Aetna rep called tonight to let me know there was another aspect to the finals for the contest.  Aetna has decided to add a “Voter’s Choice” contest. The winner will be decided by online votes, and will get to donate $10K to the charity of their choice.  How amazing, huh?  Two groups very close to my heart in Dallas are Paws and the City and The One Society. If allowed, and I somehow win, I will split the money between those two groups.  Be ready for me hounding you to vote again.  But, just think of all the dogs that money could help!

Hope everyone had an amazing weekend!  I’m looking forward to starting my week with one of these

Seeing those red cups instantly puts me in a great mood. I love the holidays!

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