Pretty to look at…

Bad to eat.

And sadly I don’t mean bad for you.  I mean bad to eat in the sense that this recipe just didn’t work.  I wish people would write that on the top of their recipes when they post them.  “Very pretty, looks great, taste is lacking.” This one had all the makings to be a star… peanut butter, chocolate, brown sugar, raspberry jam. Unfortunately it just didn’t work out.

Don’t ask me how. Even reading those ingredients after I wrote them leaves me absolutely mystified as to why these were just so-so.

Perhaps it was baker error. Perhaps it was just not my day. Or, maybe it was just a lackluster recipe.

Regardless, they photographed well. At least they had that going for them.

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They went straight from being pictured to the trash.  Poor Lizzie watched sadly, hoping that she would reap the benefits of my failed kitchen experience.

I’m not going to share the recipe or the source for this flop.  Like I said, it could have been my fault they didn’t turn out.  It has been a while since my last true baking mishap, so I’ll chalk this one up to baker error.  It happens.

Tomorrow I shall redeem myself.

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