The Lake of Dreams

Earlier this month I mentioned that I was sent The Lake of Dreams by Kim Edwards to review as part of blogher bookclub.  Initially, I was slightly apprehensive about agreeing to review The Lake of Dreams because unlike hundreds of thousands of other people, I did not like The Memory Keeper’s Daughter.

Is it wrong to not like a book that is so heavily acclaimed?  Hopefully not.

Regardless of my opinion of her last book, I loved The Lake of Dreams.  With the story line being centered on family, ancestral secrets, and the one thing so many people struggle with, change, I couldn’t help but be captivated. The story revolves around Lucy Jarrett returning home after spending many years abroad. While at home, Lucy slowly began unlocking secrets to her ancestry, discovering relatives hidden from the family tree.

It was hard for me not to rush through The Lake of Dreams.  The book gains momentum very quickly, and uses different facets to peak your interest.  Change, lost love, family struggles… all such relatable topics. 

I don’t want to divulge too many details about the book, but I will say I was very surprised at how Yoshi, Lucy’s boyfriend, handled certain situations with Lucy.  Their relationship was clearly stronger than what I had originally inferred. I also loved how Kim Edwards used natural occurrences, like earthquakes or the calmness of the lake, to symbolize particular times or events in Lucy’s life.
The Lake of Dreams was a quick read for me.  I was sad when I finished it because I was not ready to let go of Lucy, Rose, and Iris. For me, I thought the novel wrapped up close to perfect.  I felt certain areas, especially those involving Keegan, ended too abruptly, but the bulk of the story line, and the most important part, Rose’s story, ended perfectly.
Pick up a copy of The Lake of Dreams to read over the holidays. It is enjoyable book, full of beautiful imagery and an engaging story line.

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My review of The Lake of Dreams was a paid review, but the opinions expressed are my own.

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