My hiatus

Last week I took a brief hiatus from the blog. Things were crazy. I was in New York, Las Vegas, cooking for Aetna Healthy Food Fight, running 26.2 miles, hanging with my parents, getting engaged, losing money on penny slots, and eating everything in sight.

Notice anything I snuck in there? Read it again, just in case.

See it now?

Yes, after three and a half years of dating, and nearly six years of friendship, Wes and I are engaged! The story belongs to my family and friends, but I will say that it was a perfect proposal. I was not expecting it and we had lots of dear friends to celebrate with that evening.

My pinterest addiction is now going to be taken to a whole new level.

As most of you probably already know, I did not win the Healthy Food Fight. Although the trip alone and getting to stay at the beautiful Andaz hotel on 5th avenue sure made it seem like I won!  I am incredibly thankful for the opportunity.

Las Vegas was great.  Even though I was still sick, I decided to run my marathon.  From the neck down, I felt great, so I didn’t want to waste all of my training. I’m glad I did because I ran the marathon in under four hours.  3:58:28 to be exact.   I was thrilled!  I’m taking a week or so off, and then am going to start getting ready for New Orleans. It will be the first marathon for my friend, Anita. I can’t wait to share the happiness/pain with her.

The week was an exciting, emotional whirlwind. I had a wonderful time, but am so glad to be home. Lizzie sure missed Wes and me.  She stayed home with my parent’s two dogs, Lucy and Polly. Sure the pet-sitter was great, but I know Lizzie was so happy to have me home. When I got back on Tuesday, I walked into a house with three of the happiest dogs in the world. Obviously they thought we had forgotten them. Luckily, these dogs don’t seem to get upset. They were so overcome with happiness, that they completely forgot how they had been left to a stranger’s care for six days. 

Things will be getting back to normal around here, so expect more food, more dog stories, and now, the occasional bit of wedding planning ordeals. Get ready for the Cook Crabbe wedding!

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  1. Yes Mindy. The ALP mismanaged it. Evidence of the presence of too many bright young things as advisers and too few members of the labour movement in parliamentarian’s offices. So, I don’t blame Garrett. I do, however, think he’s a nincompoop – recent i/v on teev he sprayed bureau speak all over the place to no effect at all except irritation of viewers. A better dancer than parliamentarian.

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