Winter Wonderland

This home must rival the decorations at Santa’s workshop. Wes and I try to visit this neighborhood every year because they have the best Christmas decorations around.

Every tree on every corner surrounding their home is draped in Christmas lights. I cannot imagine what it must be like to have grown up at this house.

You can see the house from several blocks away, but not in the “Deck the Halls” kind of way.  My mind absolutely does not go to tacky when I see this house.  It’s just a huge celebration of Christmas, and I love it!

 From the candy cane striped columns to the jack in the boxes, this house has decorating down to an art.

The Jack in the Box moves slowly up and down, just like the real toy.

 A slightly blurry picture of Wes and me next to my favorite candy cane columns.

Merry Christmas!!

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