More on Mr. Wilson

Remember last week how I mentioned Wilson is still looking for a forever home?

How he dreams of having a family, and a yard, and people of his own to take care of?

Well, he may very soon realize his dream. I need a few of your prayers and positive thoughts sent Wilson’s way this morning. He went on his very first home visit last night to a family who seemed very excited to meet him.  They lost their very special dog last August and have been looking for someone new to add to their family.

If Wilson is adopted by this family, he will have a 4 year old sister who he will no doubt love taking care of and protecting.  I think Wilson was made for the protective role.  And, with how cute this little girl was, I think Wilson will be chasing lots of boys away over the years.  But for the time being, I think this little girl will occupy Wilson’s time by playing dress up and putting on shows.

He also will have a yard, which is my wish for all of my foster dogs.  Sure he does fine in my townhome and getting to go on runs on his leash, but there is just something about letting him run free in the safety of a yard that puts a big smile on my face. Wilson was absolutely made for running.

We will hopefully know a decision by the end of today or tomorrow on whether or not Wilson has found his home. And if this ends up not being home for him, I know another one will come along that will be just as great. And, true to every foster/rescue dog, Wilson won’t be too devastated if it doesn’t work out.  He will continue being grateful to have a bed to sleep in and a big bowl of food to wake up too, knowing that he will one day find his home forever. And I’m sure a little part of him will be happy knowing he has a little more time to torment Lizzie.

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