Somehow I have gotten sick again. I’m really not sure how, but it happens. I have no recipes or delicious desserts to share today because frankly I’m not cooking.

My energy level is at an all time low, and making dinner for myself just isn’t at the top of my list. Thank heavens for all the frozen soup in my freezer.

Anyway, I thought now would be a nice time to talk a little about my foster dog Wilson.  

Wilson is still available for adoption. He has been living with me for a long time now… three, four, five months? I can’t remember. He is completely potty trained and truly believes that he is a lap dog.  Wilson is also the friendliest dog I have ever met. If he sees another dog or human outside that he doesn’t get to meet, he quietly whimpers to himself.

It doesn’t last long. Thankfully he quickly moves on and forgets about the dog he just saw.

He knows a lot of words like “no” and “bad dog.” Kidding! I had to throw in the Look Who’s Talking 3 reference. Remember when Rocks thought his name was “no?” So funny….

He knows how to “sit” on command and is working on a few more things like “stay,” “drop the toy” etc. Wilson also loves the water. And I think he might make a good hunting dog. Birds and squirrels are always on his radar. He just needs a bit of training.

He can run for miles and would be the perfect running companion for someone training for a half marathon. Wilson has ran up too 7 miles with me before, but something tells me he could go for quite a few more.

Does Wilson sound like the perfect dog for you or for someone you know?  If so, please contact me or Paws in the City to adopt him! Wilson is anxious to have a family of his own. He will make the perfect family dog.

And for those of you who came for a recipe, I’m going to repost one of my freezer favorites. This Mexican casserole is delicious and freezes like a little gem.  Give it a try.

Layers of tortillas, cheese, and a super easy meat mixture combine for an ooey gooey casserole. I gave one of these to a friend the other night. Hopefully her family is enjoying it!

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