Celebrating a little early…

So I was working on a red, white, and blue dessert project yesterday. And while I know it is much, much too early to start talking about the 4th of July, I just couldn’t wait that long to share this cute little dessert with you.

I finally tried my hand at making cake balls. Whether or not I did it correctly, I have no idea. My approach was to simply make my favorite cake recipe (which is the one I used for my strawberry shortcake and the  lemon strawberry cupcakes) crumble up the cake, and then mix in icing to make it all hold together.

Is that right? Cake ball experts please help me.

Regardless of whether it is right or not, these turned out delicious and adorable.  They would make the cutest addition to the table for a 4th of July picnic. They also would be great for a soldier’s welcome home party or a  welcome back to the USA celebration for a friend who has been gone for too long.

If cake balls aren’t really your thing, you can also try out this cutesie idea. Apparently lots of people also thought this was adorable.  I don’t blame them. While I opted to make one using half cupcakes, Wes decided full cupcakes that have been slightly trimmed looked better. So yes, for the sake of looks, I am suggesting using three cupcakes.

While I realize this is slightly bigger than the recommended serving amount, I couldn’t resist how cute it was.  It almost makes eating that many cupcakes ok.

These would be absolutely precious in pastels for Easter, or in red, yellow, and green for a Cinco de Mayo party.  The possibilities are endless!  Assembly is quite easy.  Instead of making a cake, make cupcakes and use food coloring to get to the desired colors. I divided my batter into three batches and left one plain, made one blue, and one red. Easy!

My fingers are still slightly red from all the food coloring. There also may be a slight red patch that has found a permanent home on my granite counter tops from all the food coloring. Apparently granite is quite porous; I recommend creating a barrier between the counter tops and food dye.  Learn from my mistakes. That’s why I am here.

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