1. On Fridays I don’t drink a green monster.

2. On Fridays, I like to go to Central Market and walk around for an hour trying all the free samples. Today I had pecan gouda spread, milk chocolate toffee, chocolate covered cherries, pineapple, hot chocolate, a piece of  a Hawaiian roll, italian bread, and fresh butter. Yes, that’s right, fresh butter.

3. I still eat lunch after I go on my Central Market sample-spree.

4. When I don’ t know what to make for dinner or take to a dinner party, I make “quinoa surprise.”

5. Wes and I probably eat quinoa surprise at least once a week… sometimes more. I like to package them in leftover My Fit Food containers my co-worker provides me with. Want this recipe? Go here.

6. I am extremely grateful to have a fiance who is down with quinoa surprise on a weekly basis. I’m blessed in more ways than one.

7.  Wilson gets adopted today and I’m probably going to cry for an hour.  I’m hoping he gets adopted before 6:15 tonight because I have to be at a dinner at 7:30 and really don’t want to go with a blotchy, swollen face.

8. I’m going to try and create green monster muffins this weekend. They could be really awesome. Or I could just make myself really nauseous.

9. Wes and I are going on our fifth (and final) cake tasting this weekend. I will make a decision by Monday.

10.  And my biggest confession of them all……….  Wes and I may be getting a second dog (to keep!).  I can barely contain my excitement.

Want a little Friday chuckle?  This is cracking me up!

Have a great weekend friends!

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