The Weird Sisters

Today I have another Blogher book review for you. Recently, as in two days ago, I finished reading The Weird Sisters by Eleanor Brown. And surprise, surprise, I really liked this book. Per usual, I am not going to share the plot with you, but instead give you my true opinion. If you would like to read an excerpt from the book, please visit Blogher Book Club.

When Blogher initially emailed about this book, I wasn’t sure I would enjoy it. One of the main tag lines of the book in reference to the sister’s relationship was “See, we love each other. We just don’t like each other very much.” Having sisters is a foreign concept to me. And having sisters you genuinely claim to not like is extremely foreign to me.

All my life I wanted a sister.  I remember as a little girl when my childhood playmate announced that his mother was going to have another child, a girl.  Jealous hardly began to explain my reaction towards his comment.  I simply cannot fathom having a sister that you do not like. Being an only child, I really have no grounds for that idea.  But in my mind, a sister would naturally be your best friend, your absolute confidante, a person who always believes in you.

Although the book was fiction, I have to admit I was still slightly jealous of the girl’s relationship. Sure they claimed to not really like each other, but after reading for a while, you realize that is not the case.  Love abounds in this book. Whether through the girl’s love for their parents, each other, or the tiny town of Barnwell where they all grew up (and two sisters claimed to hate), their love for one another is what truly bound them together.

The book is written beautifully, switching between the voices of each sister, as well as a universal narrator.  The writing pulls you in, allowing you to get to know the vices and stories of each of the sisters. The girl’s each have their own struggles and battles to fight, as well as their own way of dealing with their emotions towards their mother’s illness. I found myself cheering them along with every turn of a page, hoping they would soon find their own way.

Whether you have sisters or not, this book tells a very relatable story. I empathized with each of the sisters in a different way. I have no doubt that the majority of the females in my life would enjoy this book, as well as some of the men.  If you are interested in reading The Weird Sisters, send me an email at or leave a comment. I would be happy to send it your way. All I ask is that you pass it along once you are finished. First come, first serve.

This was a paid review for Blogher Book Club. However, all opinions expressed are my own. If I didn’t like the book, you’d hear about it.

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