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There has been a whole lot of food talk lately, and very little “what’s been going on, what dog am I fostering,” etc. Today will change that.

Henry was my most recent foster, but as of Sunday, he now belongs to a fantastic family of five from Fort Worth.  Truth be told, Wes and I were thinking about keeping Henry as our own.  I love fostering, but I think it is really starting to confuse Lizzie. And it always seems that once she really warms up to a dog and gets comfortable, the dog inevitably gets adopted a day or two later.  Such was the case with Henry (and Wilson and Neptune). She did love miss Harper from day one though.

I’ve wanted a second dog for quite some time, and Wes is now warming up to the idea. Or maybe he is completely warmed up? I’m not exactly sure, but nonetheless, I am dog shopping. To clarify, shopping for dogs translates as checking all my favorite rescue websites and the kill animal shelters around DFW. I really, really miss little Harper and am hoping to find someone like her. But truthfully, I know that Harper was one of a kind; she was nearly perfect. I know I will find someone that I can love just as much as her, and that hopefully Wes and Lizzie will love as well.

Apart from dog stuff, there hasn’t been too much going on besides wedding planning and the occasional home improvement project.  After the wood floors were installed, Wes and I decided it would be a good time to update the laundry room. I don’t have a true “before” picture because Wes had already installed new shelves on the wall when I photographed the room. But here is what I have:

Pretty much a blank canvas with some seriously old machines. There wasn’t much space to fold clothes or store laundry detergent, so Wes added in the shelves you see on the right.

I should preface this with I am engaged to quite a handy fellow. There isn’t much Wes can’t figure out, and if he hasn’t done it before, he is a pro at figuring out how to do something off of internet forums.  I’m a little behind in the building/fixing/repairing section, but I do enjoy painting.  So, I was able to help with parts of the project.

Also I must note that this is an incredibly awkward room to photograph.  It is in a long hallway with two doors that swing open.  It is nearly impossible to get a picture of the full room without a wide angle lens, which I do not have.  Someday…

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We were able to find a great deal on our new washer and dryer during the Black Friday sale after Thanksgiving last year. Unfortunately, they were back ordered, so took about 6 weeks to come in.  I am very happy with our choice though and am so glad to have a new washer and dryer set.  I had to run the dryer three times in the last set to get things completely dry. These were necessary.

Wes also put his mantle making skills to work again, and came up with this awesome shelf/folding bench to fold clothes on after the dryer works its magic.

And since the machines were such a bright white, I thought a fun blue would actually encourage me to do laundry more than once every couple of weeks.  So far it hasn’t, but it’s nice to know I have a pretty laundry room.

And finally there is a place for the ironing board to hang.

What do you think of our redo? I was really excited about it and am so thankful to have Wes to help me out.  Had this been left to me, my laundry room would still be white and lacking storage.

I’ve also casually mentioned that I start the Isagenix program next week. Quite a few of the people that I work out with have had absolutely amazing results using this program, so I thought why not give it a try.  There will be quite a few more healthy recipes up on the blog in the next thirty days. But, chances are strong I will still make some sweets to pass along to my neighbors and coworkers. I can’t help it. I absolutely love to bake.

And last announcement, the winner of my Saucy Mama mustard giveaway is Teeny Little Super Chef. Send your information to pardonthedoghair at  I’ll need your name and address to send along to the Saucy Mama crew.  Thanks for playing along!

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