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Hey Folks!

Happy Monday to you!

Usually I’m not super chipper on Mondays, but I am feeling particularly good today.  Why might you ask?

Wes and I finally got our Save the Dates stuffed and the envelopes addressed (with the exception of a few addresses that are yet to come in, I’m not above harassing people for their address. Be warned). After a long wait in the local post office, I’ve got our stamps and they will soon be out the door. Hooray!

I know that things like sending out Save the Dates shouldn’t stress me out, but they do. You know what else stressed me out and it totally shouldn’t have?

Picking a honeymoon destination.

We finally decided on that last week. Belize!!

Doesn’t our resort look amazing?  Now that we have finally picked a place, I am so incredibly excited about going. And my stress levels have seriously declined. I can taste the boat drinks already.

After a weekend of not cooking very much, I am really excited to share some fun new weeknight meals with you this week. This week has a serious Chipotle theme going for it, as I’ve got several of their items featured on my menu:

Chicken Taco Salad
Cilantro “rice” (rice will be a mix of cauliflower and quinoa)
Street Corn

Other ideas I have for this week include some kind of chicken sausage pasta with maybe a pesto or a light white sauce.  I will put my own little spin on all the recipes listed above, and am really excited to try making “street corn.” It will be a newbie in my house.

Also this weekend I made another attempt at recreating the sugar cookie cake.  I got really close with the recipe I came up with, but changed up the icing to make it fresh strawberry. You can expect that recipe later tonight or tomorrow.

For those interested in Isagenix and that are in the DFW area, the trainer who got me started on the product is hosting an informational session tomorrow evening in Southlake. There will be free samples of the product as well as a great Q&A time where they will be able to answer any question you might have. If you are interested, see the flyer below. I can also give you more information.

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