Burger Time

Wes and I spent a good part of Sunday grilling up all sorts of burgers for the Johnsonville contest. He had a bunch of great ideas, so we just decided to go ahead and make all of them! Then we served them up to our friends so we could get other people’s opinions.
First up we have the Monte Cristo Burger.

The Monte Cristo was one of my favorites because it was slathered with preserves, served on a donut, and sprinkled with powdered sugar. Delicious and simple.

Next up was the Grilled Peach and Brie Burger.

This was a crowd favorite. As you can see, the brie did a lovely job melting and oozing out of the corners of the croissant.  And grilled peaches? I mean really what’s not to love?

Followed by a slightly more savory, Muffaletta burger. If you want the recipe, you can get it here.

Naturally I was drawn to this one because of my love for olives. It did not let me down.

Then we had a copy cat recipe, which was a play on one of our favorite burgers from a restaurant in Dallas.  Enter the honey badger burger. This is one of Wes’ entries into the contest, you can find the recipe here.

Sopressata, honey, and gooey cheese. Another favorite of the group.

Then finally we had a grilled apple and cheese burger.  The picture was taken before I got to it with the condiments. Imagine it with a slather of a spicy jalepeno jelly and some fresh arugula. Much more enticing!

And last but not least, the original that I made last week and my personal favorite, the Biscuits and Gravy Burger.

The winner out of the five we made on Sunday was the grilled peach and brie sandwich. However, had everyone been given the opportunity to try the Not your Mama’s burger, I think it would have won. Hands down. Thank goodness for dear friends who helped us taste test these.  It’s a tough job, but somebodies got to do it!

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