Walnut Crust Apple Pie

I’m in major wedding countdown mode. Please excuse the lack of posting, but it will probably continue that way until Thanksgiving week.  Then I’m sure I will have a surplus of posts as Thanksgiving is in my top two of favorite holidays.

What do I always do when I start to get stressed out? Well, I bake.  While this may not be the best decision nutrition wise, it sure seems to work to lower my stress levels. So an apple pie was made.

Cooking Light had a beautiful recipe for a walnut crust apple pie. And while mine did not turn out anywhere nearly as beautiful as theirs, it tasted great.  I would never guess that it is “light.”

This crust was a bit tricky to work with. It did not roll out nearly as well as my typical all flour crust. But, I wasn’t trying to win any beauty pageants with it. Once it wouldn’t roll anymore, I just pieced it together in the pie pan.

Speaking of pie pan, how do you like my vintage apple pie dish? I found it at an antique store several months ago and finally used it. My grandma has an apple pie recipe dish hanging in her kitchen, so this really made me think of her.

Truth be told, it is very difficult to cut. We’ve actually been eating it straight out of the pie dish.

That was supposed to be a secret, but I’m not very good at keeping secrets.  Surely other people do this as well.  Right?

I really, really, really liked using walnuts in this crust. You can majorly cut back on the amount of butter, and it is so flaky.  I think you will like it.

And if you happen to find an effective way to roll it out into a pretty crust, please share your tricks with me. Until then, I will continue piecing together my walnut pie crusts.

Hope all of my East coast friends are safe! We’ve been sending lots of prayers and thoughts to you this week.

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    1. I tried that and failed miserably! I think I probably needed to add a little more flour to the dough to make it work better. It still tasted great, just wasn’t as pretty as usual.

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