Pie Pie Pie!

Pie Flutin’ has kept me on my toes this week with orders. So much in fact that I’ve not had time to cook real meals, except for the one earlier in the week. Thank heavens it left lots of leftovers! I was able to snag a few bites in between rolling out pie doughs, making fillings, and forming tarts.

The kitchen and my clothing have been absolutely full of flour. But you know what? I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Chocolate buttermilk, classic chess, dutch apple, sweet potato, chocolate bourbon pecan… oh the fillings. I love them so!

It has taken everything in my will power not to eat the pies. They all look so yummy. And the smells, oh the smells. My oven has never created such a beautiful smell.

Except for the smell that came from the melted burning butter at the bottom of the oven. That was not pretty.

Everything else though? Dreamy.

My mind changes everyday about what my favorite filling is. Do you have a favorite pie filling? I think that is why I like tarts so much; you get to try so many different flavors instead of committing to just one.

Having to choose just one is way too hard! It is like trying to decide which dog you love more. Or for some of you, which child! Yikes.

Too hard to even think about.

Hope you have a pie filled holiday season!

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