Touch and Go by Lisa Gardner

There has been a slight change in the books I’m choosing to read over the last year or two. I used to stay away from the mystery/thriller genre simply because I am a wimp. Most of my reading happens before bed and more likely than not, the stories from the books I read usually find their way into my dreams.

While I still consider myself to be a wimp, I also have found myself enjoying several “thrillers” over the last year. Touch and Go by Lisa Gardner worked itself into my “must-read” thriller category and it did not disappoint.  If you do consider yourself a wimp of are easily frightened, I suggest reading this one when someone else is home with you and not reading it right before bed. It will have you triple checking all the locks in your house, looking under beds, and possibly sleeping with some kind of weapon by your bed.

The novel is a fast-paced page turner that you just want to finish. Although there are references to previous characters from her other novels, you do not have to read those first to be fully engaged in this action packed mystery.

I also like to think of myself as quite the detective when it comes to mystery novels, tv shows, movies, etc, but this book had me guessing until the end. Check it out. I really think you will enjoy it.


*This was a paid review from Blogher book club; however, all opinions expressed are my own.*

Book Review: Here I Go Again

I couldn’t hit submit fast enough when filling out my application to review Jen Lancaster’s Here I Go Again. I felt so lucky to be picked to read and review this, for free, for Blogher Book Club.


You see, Jen Lancaster is one of my absolute favorite authors. She has saved me from sheer boredom, pull my hair out anxiety, and the urge to shop late at night after one two many glasses of pinot. The woman is one of my heroes. If you haven’t checked out her blog, Jennsylvania, I highly recommend it next time you are sitting at work with nothing to do. However you might pee your pants from laughter.

Naturally, I loved Here I Go Again. I wasn’t sure how I would feel reading a book that wasn’t actually about Jenn (she is the queen of non-fiction, seriously, Tina Fey learned from her). But, I loved it! Her snarkiness and quick-wit were scattered throughout Here I Go Again. And just like in her non-fiction books, you can’t help but side with the crazy, narcissistic heroin. It is classic “chic-lit” that you can’t help but love. You will find yourself laughing out loud as you read. I recommend taking this with you the next time you fly because there is nothing better than trying to stifle laughter as to not be the awkward passenger in your row.

Head over to the Blogher Book Club page for more discussion about Here I Go Again as well as Jen Lancaster. Do yourself a favor and check out this book, as well as all of her non-fiction.

*I was compensated for this review, however all opinions are my own.*